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About the Horsefly River Roundtable

Who ?
Membership consists of individuals who are interested in maintaining a sustainable watershed.  We collaborate with federal, provincial and local government, aboriginal groups, industry representatives and all individuals who work and play in our watersheds.  

Chair Brian Englund
Secretary Treasurer Judy Hillaby
Director Ernie Gruhs
Director Helen Englund
Director Elaine Armagost

What ?
A Non-Profit Society incorporated in the province of British Columbia in 2007

Where ?
The area of interest represents those connected with the community of Horsefly, and includes the Horsefly River Watershed, and Beaver Valley.

When ?
Monthly meetings are be held from 7-9pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  No meetings planned for July and August.

Why ?

  • Stewardship
    • ecosystem health, including hydrology, fish and fish habitat
    • knowledge and appreciation of natural history
    • viewscapes and aesthetics
    • recreational tubing on the river – pollution, safety
    • education of those outside the Roundtable
    • water stewardship – quantity and quality

Community voice
• economic, environmental and social opportunities and issues
• communication with government agencies, industry, and other organizations
• education of the roundtable members

  • Industrial development
    • logging and trucking
    • road development and access
    • mining, mineral exploration, and placer mine reserve on the Horsefly River
    • hydroelectric production
  • Planning
    • Cariboo Chilcotin Land Use Plan, Horsefly Sustainable Resource Management Plan
    • settlement planning and access
    • other plans
  • Ranching and private land
    • erosion issues on the Horsefly and Moffat mainstems


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