Teachers Information Packages

We created 4 different Information Packages for you. Each package consists out of different material and articles. Please see below.
You can download (right mouse click >“save link as”) each article (mostly MS Word documents or PDF files) by clicking on the desired article.

You can also download a *.ZIP file of each package containing all the articles of this package.
Important Note for handling the ZIP files: In order to avoid error messages or problems occurring potentially based on installed antispyware or spam software on your computer, which could eventually prevent the download of *.ZIP files, we renamed the *.zip files. After downloading the file please rename the file to *.ZIP. You then can extract those files as usual.
(Example rename file “info1.renametoZIP” to “info1.ZIP”)

Info Package 1 – General Teacher Information

Info Package 2 – Ecological Footprint

Info Package 3 – About Salmon, Ozean and the threats

Info Package 4 – Pre and Post Student and Teacher Information

For further information and/or to reserve your space and chance for funding please contact:
Sue Hemphill at 250-398-8532 or email sue@horseflyriver.ca