Reports & Publications

Fisheries Sensitive Watersheds (FSWs)
Background, Procedures, and the Horsefly River as a candidate
A Presentation to the Horsefly River Roundtable (April 15th, 2010)

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The Horsefly River Watershed Code WSC 160-635400
Watershed-Based Fish Sustainability Plan
Stage 2 - Watershed Profile

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The Horsefly River State of the Watershed Report
Volume II-Stage II
Of A Watershed Based Fish Sustainability Plan

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Horsefly River Watershed Stewardship Review:
A Synthesis of Reports and Stakeholder Initiatives

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Horsefly Rive Black Creek Restoration Project
Riparin Assessments and Prescriptions
Final Report

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Prescripions to Protect, Enhance, and/or Restore
eleven small Tributaries and Backwaters along the Lower Horsefly River
Draft Final Report

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Woodjam Creek Streambank Presriptions

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