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Horsefly River Roundtable

Annual General Meeting

Will be held at the Horsefly Community Hall, Horsefly BC

June 18, 2022. 12:30 – 2:30

Call to Order


Adopt Agenda

Adopt minutes from 2021 AGM

Financial Report

Review Members for Acceptance

Selection of Directors and Appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer


Regular meeting to follow AGM will be an open discussion regarding tasks and direction for the society.

River trail walk.

The Horsefly River Roundtable is looking for a few new directors and is asking community members to consider participating on the Board.

What we expect of HRR directors:
Share our mission statement

To be a catalyst to achieve and maintain healthy Horsefly community watersheds,
through coordinated management of all resources, respect for all concerns and
cooperative, positive action

Attend meetings typically 5 per near, plus the AGM in June.

Communicate, ask questions and participate in the decision making of HRR activities.

If you are interested in the Horsefly River Watershed and helping the Salmon, please call Brian Englund at 250-620-3509