2008 Report-Watershed Profile

The Horsefly River Watershed Code WSC 160-635400
Watershed-Based Fish Sustainability Plan
Stage 2 – Watershed Profile
(PDF File 1.07 MB))

Appendix A2006 Horsefly Census Profile.pdf (167 KB)
Appendix B – Horsefly River Roundtable Meeting Minutes

Appendix C – FishWizard Information for the Horsefly River
Horsefly River Stream Reports


Appendix D – FISS Information for the Horsefly River


Appendix E – Detailed Chinook, coho, and sockeye information

Appendix F – BC Watershed Atlas Maps
Horsefly Watershed Atlas

Filename = Map name coordinates – All files are in PDF format – Size betwen 0.5 – 1.1 MB


Appendix G – Pierre Beaudry IWAP Report 2002

– All files are in PDF format –


Appendix H – Dobson Engineering Hydrological Report 2007

Appendix I – Horsefly River Water Sampling Analysis

Appendix J – Water Level and Steam Flow Statistics 1955-2006

Appendix K – 2005 Adult Kokanee Spawner Survey Map

Appendix L – Archived Hydrometric Date for the Horsefly River 2006

Appendix M – 2001-2007 Commercial Salmon Retained Catch-to-Date

All files are in PDF format – all under 80 KB

Appendix N – CCLUP Fisheries Target Risk Assessment

Appendix O – HSRMP Map 8-Critical Fish Habitat and Stream Classification

Appendix P – 2001 R.L. Case Report Summary and Recommendations


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