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2009 Report-State of the Watershed

The Horsefly River State of the Watershed Report
Volume II-Stage II
Of A Watershed Based Fish Sustainability Plan

(PDF File 1.43 MB))

Appendix A – Horsefly River Timeline Chart

Appendix B – Horsefly River Angling Management Plan

Appendix C – Sockeye Salmon

Appendix D
– 2009 Salmon Stock Outlet

Appendix E – Chinook Salmon


Appendix F – Coho Salmon

Appendix G – Stock Management Report No. 17

Appendix H – Horsefly River Riparian Conservation Area (HRRCA) Overview

Appendix I – HRRCA Management Plan

Appendix J – Horsefly River Creel Surveys

Appendix K – Cariboo Historic Lake Stockings Report 2003-2007

Appendix L – Sport Fishing Institute of BC Presentation-Senate Committee

Appendix M – Fraser River Sockeye Distribution for 2004

Appendix N – Watershed Research Resources

Appendix O – Water Licenses on Named Streams

Appendix P – Independent Power Producers (IPP) of British Columbia

Appendix Q – IPP in BC-An Interagency Guidebook for Proponents

Appendix R – Green Hydro Power-Watershed Watch

Appendix S – Forest Development Plan Map

Appendix T – Pine Leading Stands Map

Appendix U – Mining Information and Quesnel Trough Map

Appendix V – Agricultural Land Reserve Map

Appendix W – Climate Change and Pacific Fisheries

Appendix XYZ – Smallmouth Bass Report


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